Career Branding Reflection for Musicians: The Copycat’s in the 50 Cent mixtape movement

Career Branding Reflection for Musicians: The Copycat’s in the 50 Cent mixtape movement

Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed. states that the worlds most “innovative” commercial for musicians, would be as follows “Got Mixtapes?  50 Cent did it, you can too!” The greatest gifts are in the stars and that is exactly where majority of upcoming artists are gazing.  Many may agree that the proof is in the pudding or is it MySpace®? Must there be a showstopper that begins the show before there is an individualized human being that creates a path for themselves?

Possibly, but due to the overwhelming population joining the 50Cent mixtape movement “obviously-not” would be an understatement.  Mixtapes are an intricate promotional tool with virtually NO RESTRICTIONS (virtually) if used properly.  As we recall; DJ Clue initiated the catapult of the mixtape game, but 50Cent as a recording artist capitalized off a foundation through innovation and a strategic marketing technique.  In analyzing the logistical breakdown of such stratagems, by reviewing the primary element of such success, which landed 50 Cent a record deal, we begin to notice some musicians are locked into the illusion that their life would change drastically, if they just put together a mixtape!

Generally, starting a business resides on a solid foundation aligned with determinates to form a creation.  Crafty lyrics over industry beats alone did not catapult the mixtape game into new heights or land 50Cent a record deal.  The concept of a strategic, relentless, marketing routine in play became an overseen pre-requisite to 50 Cent’s success.  Blatantly stated, there are not amateurs dominating the music industry, which is the premise for why the entire major label chain can be counted on one hand (but that’s another topic).  Will anyone, other than 50 Cent, take time to learn the mechanics of how to generate big business with adequate planning?

A mixtape serves as nothing more that a mere demo tape, by which anyone can submit as a resume.  A mixape is not “the guarantee variable” that anyone would care to hear or take time to listen to a musicians material.  A mixtape is mere demo tape and a demo tape is….well…unfortunately, a non-existent piece of work.  Based on the determinants referred above, one would lead to a profound conclusion.  If one printed and pressed 500,000 units of a mixtape, that person literally printed 500,000 resumes.  This course of action constitutes as a purpose without a cause; a hit without a run and the reason why so many musicians get absolutely nowhere with their prospective careers (note: resumes are another reason why people hate their job, but that’s another topic).  Please let’s plan more as a collective unit of individuals with an objective, and strategy that would defy all odds with absolutely no equivocations.  The 50 Cent Mixtape Movement; it’s not what you think and only five percent of what you have seen or have been sold as a reality.

But who will question the brand lead by what I consider to be the 50 Cent mixtape movement?

Written by Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed.

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