Career Branding Refection for Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes and the fight to manage their career brand

The life of a professional athlete may seem like fun. However, it has been extremely arduous for professional athletes to manage their career brand. Some understand that the career of a professional athlete is not long. In addition, the time that athletes may have in the limelight varies per individual performance. For this reason, virtually all professional athletes dedicate the majority of their time practicing, working out and focusing on their craft within the sports industry.

The sports industry tends to attract many consumers. In addition, businesses may thrive off of the brand that professional athletes may provide new products and services. Professional athletes also rely heavily on the quality of services from businesses and may also rely on professionals to offer second career options. Still today, professional athletes fight to manage their career brand. More and more professional athletes are focused on working as a group to establish a methodological approach to leverage their career brands as a collective unit.

Premier leaders in the professional sports industry recognize  the need to provide services to help professional athletes redefine their brands aside from sports. What do you think about professional athletes and the fight to manage their career brand?

Written by Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed.

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