My First Resume – Things to Include When You Haven’t Had a Job Yet

My First Resume – Things to Include When You Haven’t Had a Job Yet

A resume can help you build your career brand. If you are in need of a job but can not seem to get an interview, then consider re-doing your resume. Your resume should easy be able for a human resources recruiter to recognize your strengths. You can help a human resources recruiter recognize your strengths by using key words. Some key words can be found in the job posting or description. It is important to format key words so that it stands out. You should use a font type that is legible such as times new roman or courier new. One of the most basic formatting techniques is on how you structure following sections: profile, work experience and education. Your resume should start with your name, and contact information. It is important to make sure that your name is bold and highlighted so that it stands out. Next, your resume should have a profile that summarizes your professional work experience. A profile may be more beneficial to the employer than an objective. An objective is to help you identify your long-term career goals. You may want to focus on showing, how your services may help the employer. Sometimes job applicants put their educational background under a profile summary. However, if you have a meaningful amount of professional work experience, then it is necessary to put this information next. Your professional experience should list your current or former employer details such as a company name, and date. Yet, the most relevant section is a list of how you helped your current or former employer achieve success. Therefore, you do not need to list your job duties. Instead, you can create a list of how your services made an impact or helped the business achieve success. List how your services made an impact with your former employer. Write your accomplishments while serving in your current or former position (in place of the duties section). You may then add your academic background under your professional work experience. For a career assessment, you may visit


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