My first self-image assessment: Things to consider for a career brand in the fashion industry

My first image-assessment: Things to consider for a career brand

We’ve heard it all before, “image is everything”. For example, you want your career brand to exemplify elements of a fashion designer. In this case, you have never attended a fashion class. You do not know how to sew and you can’t draw. Does this sound like a recipe for disaster? Yes? Well, not exactly. Maybe your niche in the fashion industry is based on your creative skills. It is possible that you have the ability to see how clothing should look on people. You may also have a lot of fashion tips written down on little sticky pads. Now, it is time to use what you have written to consider launching your career brand. However, if you have already expressed your interest to friends about becoming a fashion designer, then they would probably begin to judge you based on your clothes. If you were to express your interest to anyone about your future career plans and you were not ready to launch your career brand, you will be judged and talked about immediately. Therefore, you may not want to discuss your long-term career goals until you have gone through the process of recognizing your strengths and positioning your career brand for representation.

Now, it is important to take the time to think about what your clothes telling people about you? Do you wear clothes that standout? Have you ever had any compliments on how you dress? If you have answered yes, then take advantage of your compliments by setting up a professional photo shoot. Take pictures of yourself showing off your wardrobe, then get a web site to present your fashion tips. You may also want to consider having a special section for the photos taken during your photo shoot. You should keep track of compliments and ask others to help you build a reference based portfolio. If you take time out to do your own self-image assessment, you may be on the verge of starting a career in the fashion industry. To learn more about career branding, you may visit

Excerpt from Shanette’s “Brand Clarity: You will never look at yourself the same again after today:

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