About Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed.
Brand Expert, Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed. has found success in the radio, academic and consulting industry. Critically acclaimed for her philanthropic causes, Carpenter has been featured on major networks such as Hot 97 #1 for Hip-Hop and R&B, CW27, Radio Disney, iPower 92.1, and Harris Publication’s Scratch Magazine. Shanette states “…it is more important that we devote time towards a cause…bigger than ourselves.”

Shanette is the Founder/Chairman of PMGT, a strategy firm, specializing in executive consulting, development and branding. She is also the creator of Get Brand Clarity Collection of Educational Products, a series featuring express edition personal branding audio guides and business branding books.

With a commitment to supporting the community, Shanette worked in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies to benefit youth programs throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

By age 16, Shanette participated in an advancement computer science program and won awards from Vassar College. Shanette earned her Master’s Degree in Education & Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration from Virginia State University.

For Keynote Speaking & Booking Information, you may visit www.ShanetteCarpenter.com

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  1. It was really good speaking with you. you define what young professionals want and the direction they are going into. I have attached my email and I look forward to speaking with you soon. I pray your holiday is well and I’ll speak with you soon. Stay blessed.


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