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Shanette Carpenter, M. Ed.
Brand Expert, Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed. is an American Educator and Speaker. Shanette began her career interviewing major celebrity career brands as a radio personality. In undergraduate school, she coordinated college events for major record and film companies.

Carpenter has been featured on major networks such as Hot 97, iPower 92.1, CW27, Radio Disney, Harris Publication’s Scratch Magazine and research symposiums in the United States. Carpenter states “…it is more important that we devote time towards a cause…bigger than ourselves.”

Earlier in Life
With a commitment to supporting the community, Carpenter worked in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies such as Wal-Mart and Office Depot, to benefit foster homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

By age 16, she participated in an advancement computer science program and won awards from Vassar College. Shanette earned her Master’s Degree in Education & Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration from Virginia State University.

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Eve Sparkle
Eve Sparkle is a creative individual who knows how fashion, and food infuses brands in human society. She is a proficient blogger who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to help others become the best in their career field. As the Founder of Eve’s House, a blog site about food and fashion, she showcases her the latest in entertainment.

Contributing Blog Writer
Kay Mac
Kay Mac is adamant about the world of visual arts. She spends a great deal of time watching movies, researching a new music trend, and spending time with her children. Kay Mac states “…as a mother, I know what it takes to wear many hats. I know how perception can influence my children. It’s important that I help put things in perspective for younger people.”

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