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Virginia State University: Aims to Deliver a Positively Clear Message

Virginia State University: Aims to Deliver a Positively Clear Message

Have you seen Virginia State University’s promo videos lately? Now, if you’re among the Class of ’04 (or earlier), then you’ve had to notice its high tech commercials. Virtually every department has a commercial that reminds some of us of the HP ads that featured celebrities using transparent-matrix-like graphics that introduced new laptop products.

For example, the Department of Nursing features visuals that literally matches the audio messages from those in the commercial itself. If you haven’t seen that commercial, then maybe the one featured on V.S.U’s. website.

The conceptual framework included scripted content that surrounded rich images, and sounds that delivered messages in high quality. The video on V.S.U. website, even showcased an up close and personal video encounter with a fish when introducing the agricultural department.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there. Did you see how V.S.U. Students got in on the action? iPower 92.1 On Air Personality and V.S.U. Alumni, B-Sounds, was featured with current students in a “V.S.U. State of Mind: A Homecoming Documentary Film” on YouTube. Now, since we are on the topic of YouTube. You may have also noticed how current V.S.U. Students uploaded a video entitled “V.S.U. Cribs-Williams Hall” (which highlights what the residence hall offers students).

Yet, please be sure to note that the channel that belongs to the institution is “VSUOfficialChannel“.

V.S.U. is one of the many colleges that is striving to deliver a clear message through branding. Now, what will you do to get make your business message clear?

It’s your turn to build a brand that will help you communicate effectively…GET BRAND CLARITY! For more information on how to brand your business, you may visit today!

VSU Commercial

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Hot 97 is Hip Hop and R&B: Street Soldiers-The Complexion Connection on Superbowl Sunday

Earlier in my career, I have interviewed many musicians including, CHRIS BROWN, TWISTA, CEE-LO, NORE & CAPONE and many others who discussed the challenges of the business, in addition to, how to transition their careers. I have interviewed families on parental involvement in community programs. Further, I have extensive research in the field of education. So, when I was given the opportunity to discuss issues that affect the youth on Hot 97, I was elated!

The schematics of decision-making prompts an analysis that includes the depth of human action as it relates to image, acceptance and purpose.

Youth are greatly affected by what they see in the media. This generation is focused on social networking and building themselves to appear a certain way to appease their peers. Their personal appearance and need to become self-aware is more important than ever because of the internet alone. However, the desire to be like their favorite sports player or musician is not a new concept. In extreme circumstances, fitting in is necessary to secure a job and provide for a household. If the need to survive is based on your career, then people will do what is necessary to live. Therefore, those who have access to resources from the higher socio-economic classes may adapt to survive in their environment. Yet, there is a lack of consideration how brands influence the whole, a larger population, but most importantly those who are highly influenced by their surrounding variables, children.

Children are the future, not a skin color. The human being provides an invaluable and priceless resource in society called labor. Labor make the world go ‘round (whether or not a person is paid well). However, the less fortunate tend to practice a level of humility and need to care for the community. In contrast, those blessed enough to be “on top” is more concerned with staying on top! Those who are fortunate have an image to protect and promote to ensure that they are #1 in their profession. Unfortunately, most aspiring musicians are simply thrilled to “get on” so they lack the knowledge and education needed to help them self-reflect to grasp the concept of boundaries. Boundaries help musicians determine what and what they will not or sell in their quest to make it to the top.

Some musicians get caught up in the hype and start believing the marketing behind their own brand and forget about the socially responsible component that comes with being in the spotlight. In most cases, image is everything, and that goes without saying. However, even the Bible discloses pertinent information regarding image. In the Bible, 1 Samuel 16: 7 clearly states that “People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” People are in need of finding acceptance and purpose. Sometimes actions are extensions of self-neglect and a lack of self-confidence. This sends everyone mixed signals about what is factually false and what is real or how one defines the concept of “reality” as a whole.

There are so many variables…the bottom line is people are affected by their environment. Although it would appear that “white people want to be black and black people want to be white”, we cannot speak for the entire population. So, my answer is no, everyone is simply affected by their environment. Therefore, a FAKE (career) brand will reveal itself-eventually, these people will be called out no matter their level of influence in human society.

To learn more about how YOUr career brand can influence others, and promote success, DEFINE YOUrself in 30 minutes or less, learn “How to Operate with Purpose: GET BRAND CLARITY”! IN STORES NOW.

You may also LISTEN TO SHANETTE ON HOT 97 Street Soldiers Podcast! DOWNLOAD SHOW NOW! Or, you may search for the show entitled “Complexion Connection” at

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How to Create a Resume

A resume can help you build your career brand. Your resume should start with your name, and contact information. It is important to make sure that your name is bold and highlighted so that it stands out. Next, your resume should have a profile that summarizes your professional work experience. A profile may be more beneficial to the employer than an objective. An objective is to help you identify your long-term career goals. You may want to focus on showing, how your services may help the employer. Sometimes job applicants put their educational background under a profile summary. However, if you have a meaningful amount of professional work experience, then it is necessary to put this information next.

Your professional experience should list your current or former employer details such as a company name, and date. Yet, the most relevant section is a list of how you helped your current or former employer achieve success. Therefore, you do not need to list your job duties. Instead, you can create a list of how your services made an impact or helped the business achieve success. List how your services made an impact with your former employer. Write your accomplishments while serving in your current or former position (in place of the duties section). You may then add your academic background under your professional work experience.

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My first self-image assessment: Things to consider for a career brand in the fashion industry

My first image-assessment: Things to consider for a career brand

We’ve heard it all before, “image is everything”. For example, you want your career brand to exemplify elements of a fashion designer. In this case, you have never attended a fashion class. You do not know how to sew and you can’t draw. Does this sound like a recipe for disaster? Yes? Well, not exactly. Maybe your niche in the fashion industry is based on your creative skills. It is possible that you have the ability to see how clothing should look on people. You may also have a lot of fashion tips written down on little sticky pads. Now, it is time to use what you have written to consider launching your career brand. However, if you have already expressed your interest to friends about becoming a fashion designer, then they would probably begin to judge you based on your clothes. If you were to express your interest to anyone about your future career plans and you were not ready to launch your career brand, you will be judged and talked about immediately. Therefore, you may not want to discuss your long-term career goals until you have gone through the process of recognizing your strengths and positioning your career brand for representation.

Now, it is important to take the time to think about what your clothes telling people about you? Do you wear clothes that standout? Have you ever had any compliments on how you dress? If you have answered yes, then take advantage of your compliments by setting up a professional photo shoot. Take pictures of yourself showing off your wardrobe, then get a web site to present your fashion tips. You may also want to consider having a special section for the photos taken during your photo shoot. You should keep track of compliments and ask others to help you build a reference based portfolio. If you take time out to do your own self-image assessment, you may be on the verge of starting a career in the fashion industry. To learn more about career branding, you may visit

Excerpt from Shanette’s “Brand Clarity: You will never look at yourself the same again after today:

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