DEFINE YOUrself in 30 minutes or less!

Shanette states “Many people come to me for advice. They are either in need of learning more about how to recognize their strengths or how to establish their career brand. Yet, people normally express their concerns about time. Some people would often tell me that their job schedule is so intense that do not have time to focus on their career brand. So, I needed to make sure that my audio series was comprehensive, fast and easy to understand…especially while people are driving to work.”

Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed. releases Brand Clarity Collection of Educational Products. Shanette states “…Generation-Y is taking advantage of social networking sites. Employers are seeking candidates online. Now, Generation-Y can use a resume to launch a career brand with a few basic steps. Brand Clarity Collection of Educational Products is a combination of audio self-help guides and books for those who are serious about a solid career.” Now, with her latest cd entitled How to Operate with Purpose, you can find exactly what you need when you need it!

Get Brand Clarity Collection of Educational Products are designed to help aspiring career professionals define a target audience or industry. Now, you can create a portfolio of work and effectively communicate results to potential employers.

For example, a resume can help you build your career brand. If you are in need of a job but can not seem to get an interview, then consider re-doing your resume. Your resume should easy be able for a human resources recruiter to recognize your strengths. You can help a human resources recruiter recognize your strengths by using buzz words. Some buzz words can be found in the job posting or description. It is important to format key words so that it stands out. You should use a font type that is legible such as times new roman or courier new. One of the most basic formatting techniques is on how you structure following sections: profile, work experience and education.

“How to Operate with Purpose: GET BRAND CLARITY”
will also help aspiring career professionals craft a biography. Learn how to launch your career brand! …your career is expecting you…GET BRAND CLARITY!

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