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Virginia State University: Aims to Deliver a Positively Clear Message

Virginia State University: Aims to Deliver a Positively Clear Message

Have you seen Virginia State University’s promo videos lately? Now, if you’re among the Class of ’04 (or earlier), then you’ve had to notice its high tech commercials. Virtually every department has a commercial that reminds some of us of the HP ads that featured celebrities using transparent-matrix-like graphics that introduced new laptop products.

For example, the Department of Nursing features visuals that literally matches the audio messages from those in the commercial itself. If you haven’t seen that commercial, then maybe the one featured on V.S.U’s. website.

The conceptual framework included scripted content that surrounded rich images, and sounds that delivered messages in high quality. The video on V.S.U. website, even showcased an up close and personal video encounter with a fish when introducing the agricultural department.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there. Did you see how V.S.U. Students got in on the action? iPower 92.1 On Air Personality and V.S.U. Alumni, B-Sounds, was featured with current students in a “V.S.U. State of Mind: A Homecoming Documentary Film” on YouTube. Now, since we are on the topic of YouTube. You may have also noticed how current V.S.U. Students uploaded a video entitled “V.S.U. Cribs-Williams Hall” (which highlights what the residence hall offers students).

Yet, please be sure to note that the channel that belongs to the institution is “VSUOfficialChannel“.

V.S.U. is one of the many colleges that is striving to deliver a clear message through branding. Now, what will you do to get make your business message clear?

It’s your turn to build a brand that will help you communicate effectively…GET BRAND CLARITY! For more information on how to brand your business, you may visit www.PMGTusa.com today!

VSU Commercial

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Contributing Writer Kay Mac: Melodic Life

Melodic Life

Is it just me or have you also made a music video in your head while listening to your favorite song? Have you even acted out a scene that you’ve already seen in the video? I do it all the time, there’s nothing like putting a visual to a really good sound.

From rolling your eyes like 50 cent to seem gangsta, or winding your waist like Ciara to be sexy, it’s a life of creating a soundtrack to enhance one’s daily experiences. I often find myself as a screenwriter/director drawing my inspiration from music. Music as a movement has been an overtaking force for generations. Music helps you on a personally level such as to calm one’s nerves. Music helps on a professional level as well, when providing a message, selling a product, or introducing a show.

Take for instance the Pepto Bismol jingle “nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea, Yeah Pepto Bismol.” I’ve caught myself singing this jingle a time or two when I didn’t even have the symptoms. Even if you’ve never bought the product you still know what it is and how the dance goes. Beyonce’s hit song “Single Ladies” has everyone wagging their fingers, including my four-year-old daughter who still gets excited each time the song comes on. Music’s sole purpose is to ignite a feeling and it does this ever so brilliantly in cinema.

“The Body Guard” movie starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner grossed over 400 million in sales world wide and the soundtrack did over 16 million, and is still the highest grossing movie soundtrack of all time. Now is this because the movie was just that awesome or did someone realize there’s a correlation between films and their soundtracks? When you put one of the greatest singers in the world into a film’s leading role you’re almost guaranteeing a hit in both mediums.

Being talented also plays a factor, of course.

I’m not saying that type of combination guarantees a worldwide smash. Mariah Carey’s movie “Glitter.” Need I say more? But in most cases having a great movie with a great soundtrack, it’s the music that helps create the ambience.

Just imagine waking up in the morning to an alarm of your favorite song, and if you’re like me that song is ‘Sex is on Fire’ by Kings of Leon. Then have music narrate the rest of your day with Ice Cube’s song “Today was a good day.” All along each event from you singing in the shower, arguing with the car in front of you for making you late, flirting, giving attitude because you’d rather be anywhere but where you are at the moment (work), hearing things in the bathroom from the next stall that you wish you hadn’t, arguing with telemarketers who somehow managed to get your cell phone number after you specifically asked to be on the “Do Not Call” list, etc, etc. to the end of the day. You would have a compelling musical documentary, especially if you’re like me and can’t believe the things that happen to you in an average day. Music would help enhance what would normally be seen as routine, it would help express each emotion, allowing others who listen in to be more interested.

I’ll admit I’m guilty of listening to someone tell me about their day and wishing music was on, or pretending to play a violin when I’m sick of hearing them complain.

I couldn’t even begin to fathom what movies would be like without music. Or school, or life, etc… Could you?

Written by Kay Mac
Contributing Blog Writer
Get Brand Clarity for Music & Sports

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Career Branding Reflection for Musicians: The Copycat’s in the 50 Cent mixtape movement

Career Branding Reflection for Musicians: The Copycat’s in the 50 Cent mixtape movement

Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed. states that the worlds most “innovative” commercial for musicians, would be as follows “Got Mixtapes?  50 Cent did it, you can too!” The greatest gifts are in the stars and that is exactly where majority of upcoming artists are gazing.  Many may agree that the proof is in the pudding or is it MySpace®? Must there be a showstopper that begins the show before there is an individualized human being that creates a path for themselves?

Possibly, but due to the overwhelming population joining the 50Cent mixtape movement “obviously-not” would be an understatement.  Mixtapes are an intricate promotional tool with virtually NO RESTRICTIONS (virtually) if used properly.  As we recall; DJ Clue initiated the catapult of the mixtape game, but 50Cent as a recording artist capitalized off a foundation through innovation and a strategic marketing technique.  In analyzing the logistical breakdown of such stratagems, by reviewing the primary element of such success, which landed 50 Cent a record deal, we begin to notice some musicians are locked into the illusion that their life would change drastically, if they just put together a mixtape!

Generally, starting a business resides on a solid foundation aligned with determinates to form a creation.  Crafty lyrics over industry beats alone did not catapult the mixtape game into new heights or land 50Cent a record deal.  The concept of a strategic, relentless, marketing routine in play became an overseen pre-requisite to 50 Cent’s success.  Blatantly stated, there are not amateurs dominating the music industry, which is the premise for why the entire major label chain can be counted on one hand (but that’s another topic).  Will anyone, other than 50 Cent, take time to learn the mechanics of how to generate big business with adequate planning?

A mixtape serves as nothing more that a mere demo tape, by which anyone can submit as a resume.  A mixape is not “the guarantee variable” that anyone would care to hear or take time to listen to a musicians material.  A mixtape is mere demo tape and a demo tape is….well…unfortunately, a non-existent piece of work.  Based on the determinants referred above, one would lead to a profound conclusion.  If one printed and pressed 500,000 units of a mixtape, that person literally printed 500,000 resumes.  This course of action constitutes as a purpose without a cause; a hit without a run and the reason why so many musicians get absolutely nowhere with their prospective careers (note: resumes are another reason why people hate their job, but that’s another topic).  Please let’s plan more as a collective unit of individuals with an objective, and strategy that would defy all odds with absolutely no equivocations.  The 50 Cent Mixtape Movement; it’s not what you think and only five percent of what you have seen or have been sold as a reality.

But who will question the brand lead by what I consider to be the 50 Cent mixtape movement?

Written by Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed.

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Career Branding Refection for Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes and the fight to manage their career brand

The life of a professional athlete may seem like fun. However, it has been extremely arduous for professional athletes to manage their career brand. Some understand that the career of a professional athlete is not long. In addition, the time that athletes may have in the limelight varies per individual performance. For this reason, virtually all professional athletes dedicate the majority of their time practicing, working out and focusing on their craft within the sports industry.

The sports industry tends to attract many consumers. In addition, businesses may thrive off of the brand that professional athletes may provide new products and services. Professional athletes also rely heavily on the quality of services from businesses and may also rely on professionals to offer second career options. Still today, professional athletes fight to manage their career brand. More and more professional athletes are focused on working as a group to establish a methodological approach to leverage their career brands as a collective unit.

Premier leaders in the professional sports industry recognize  the need to provide services to help professional athletes redefine their brands aside from sports. What do you think about professional athletes and the fight to manage their career brand?

Written by Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed.

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Career Branding Reflection for Musicians: Independent Master P. Frenzy

Career Branding Reflection for Musicians: Independent Master P. Frenzy

In the mid to late 90’s we experienced an independent label boom as budding entrepreneurs equipped with the proper business savvy and an ear to the street was able to capitalize on the regional music void created by major label negligence. Of course once you started having independent labels selling in excess of 500 – 1 million records per release off of mostly word of mouth, the majors began to open their purses and resources to get in on the action. The flood gates came through once Percy Miller aka Master P was able to figure out that if you hold off on the up front bread and weigh in on the back end you can see the real bread in this game and he did it like no other. Here to revisit this phenomenon from a business perspective is writer Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed. Read on!

Indie labels are steadily maxing out corporate dollars to anticipate the possibility of successful ownership. Although there still remain so few indie labels that sought out the responsible route of legally forming a small business, swarms of these indie labels scratch at the doors for successful distribution deals. The aspect of distribution smells sweet enough to taste especially the terms and conditions that one could never obtain from a basic artist deal contract. Indie labels thrive on the thought of regulatory power and creative control. The indie label craze developed in the late 90’s when a creative yet business savvy mastermind decided to use insightful mechanics to captivate his target demographic “hands on” and independently without the financial support from any major record company. The craze was by far initiated by the media but Percy “Master P.” Miller was at the forefront.

Master P’s initial deal was with Universal and the inner workings of this deal in particular were far from a standard artist deal…it was a clean distribution deal. I shall break down the elements that lead to this type of deal. Master P. already solidified his brand in a populated market and his business entailed a recoup operation with substantial figures, and ample investment turnaround, it was quite clear that Master P. was on to something huge, and of course most companies want to get in on the ground floor. For major corporations the ground floor for investments leads to higher per capita income and corporate profits. In short, Master P. received more so partnership deal that gave him percentage power in the upper eight percentile. Master P. certainly left the negotiation table with a huge bargain on something that wasn’t even for sale…an imprint of a major industry powerhouse for less than half its worth. Needless to state, MasterP. made history, which created the “Master P. Indie FRENZY.”

Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of Indie labels itching to sniff the success of Master P’s first deal. As the world continues to go ’round with or without us a question arise “will the exhaustion of the copy-cat application ever make anyone realize that there will never be another deal where a powerhouse sacrifices its corporate integrity to be blasted in the media and challenged by a rookie. Consequently enough, many of these new Indie label owners never researched nor educated themselves about basic business principles and lose hard earned pennies chasing something that may not be tailored for their small business (because of course that is exactly what an independent record label is…a small business)…There is NO CONCLUSION because brand “Independent Master P. Frenzy” continues…….

Written by Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed.

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