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Hot 97 is Hip Hop and R&B: Street Soldiers-The Complexion Connection on Superbowl Sunday

Earlier in my career, I have interviewed many musicians including, CHRIS BROWN, TWISTA, CEE-LO, NORE & CAPONE and many others who discussed the challenges of the business, in addition to, how to transition their careers. I have interviewed families on parental involvement in community programs. Further, I have extensive research in the field of education. So, when I was given the opportunity to discuss issues that affect the youth on Hot 97, I was elated!

The schematics of decision-making prompts an analysis that includes the depth of human action as it relates to image, acceptance and purpose.

Youth are greatly affected by what they see in the media. This generation is focused on social networking and building themselves to appear a certain way to appease their peers. Their personal appearance and need to become self-aware is more important than ever because of the internet alone. However, the desire to be like their favorite sports player or musician is not a new concept. In extreme circumstances, fitting in is necessary to secure a job and provide for a household. If the need to survive is based on your career, then people will do what is necessary to live. Therefore, those who have access to resources from the higher socio-economic classes may adapt to survive in their environment. Yet, there is a lack of consideration how brands influence the whole, a larger population, but most importantly those who are highly influenced by their surrounding variables, children.

Children are the future, not a skin color. The human being provides an invaluable and priceless resource in society called labor. Labor make the world go ‘round (whether or not a person is paid well). However, the less fortunate tend to practice a level of humility and need to care for the community. In contrast, those blessed enough to be “on top” is more concerned with staying on top! Those who are fortunate have an image to protect and promote to ensure that they are #1 in their profession. Unfortunately, most aspiring musicians are simply thrilled to “get on” so they lack the knowledge and education needed to help them self-reflect to grasp the concept of boundaries. Boundaries help musicians determine what and what they will not or sell in their quest to make it to the top.

Some musicians get caught up in the hype and start believing the marketing behind their own brand and forget about the socially responsible component that comes with being in the spotlight. In most cases, image is everything, and that goes without saying. However, even the Bible discloses pertinent information regarding image. In the Bible, 1 Samuel 16: 7 clearly states that “People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” People are in need of finding acceptance and purpose. Sometimes actions are extensions of self-neglect and a lack of self-confidence. This sends everyone mixed signals about what is factually false and what is real or how one defines the concept of “reality” as a whole.

There are so many variables…the bottom line is people are affected by their environment. Although it would appear that “white people want to be black and black people want to be white”, we cannot speak for the entire population. So, my answer is no, everyone is simply affected by their environment. Therefore, a FAKE (career) brand will reveal itself-eventually, these people will be called out no matter their level of influence in human society.

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You may also LISTEN TO SHANETTE ON HOT 97 Street Soldiers Podcast! DOWNLOAD SHOW NOW! Or, you may search for the show entitled “Complexion Connection” at http://www.hot97.com/streetsoldiers

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Introducing Aspiring Career Professional: Jovan Leacock

Introducing Aspiring Career Professional: Jovan Leacock
by Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed.

With a laundry of accomplishments in sports, Jovan Leacock is preparing to make his mark in the big leagues. Leacock is a Safety at Bowling Green State University for the Bowling Green Falcons football team. In 2010, he showcased his talent by finishing second on the team with 91 tackles. However, there were some very memorable moments. For example, Leacock also had two forced fumbles, two interceptions, which were returned and included a 49-yard return for a touchdown. Plus, Leacock secured 12 tackles at Michigan in front of an extremely large crown of 110,000 fans. Leacock was also a wide receiver in Santa Clarita, California for the College of the Canyons.

He often credits his mother for instilling values and life’s survival principles. Leacock states, “…my mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind”.

Originally from Jamaica, Queens, Leacock realized early in life that he had a lot to prove to himself and the world. As a child he participated in school sports and even played in the local neighborhood. Leacock friends remember him as the star in virtually every sport-even basketball. He had a nice jump shot from anywhere on the court. Well, in this instance, anywhere on the block. His 3 pointers, were often considered, way beyond standard numbers prescribed by the game. He always had a passion for sports, but football is where is shines on and off the field.

With a commitment to communicate results, Leacock did not leave anything to chance. He made the decision early in life to showcase his knowledge, skills and abilities with humility.

Daily News featured Leacock as an All City Performer in High School. He was a wide receiver at Bayside High School and led his football team with 155 all-purpose yards. Through it all, Leacock held his positive ground while remaining humble.

Today, you can find Leacock on the NFL 2012 Draft Boards. You can expect to watch this positive young in the immediate future.

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Bowling Green State University

College of Canyons

NFL Draft Scout

Daily News


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