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Virginia State University: Aims to Deliver a Positively Clear Message

Virginia State University: Aims to Deliver a Positively Clear Message

Have you seen Virginia State University’s promo videos lately? Now, if you’re among the Class of ’04 (or earlier), then you’ve had to notice its high tech commercials. Virtually every department has a commercial that reminds some of us of the HP ads that featured celebrities using transparent-matrix-like graphics that introduced new laptop products.

For example, the Department of Nursing features visuals that literally matches the audio messages from those in the commercial itself. If you haven’t seen that commercial, then maybe the one featured on V.S.U’s. website.

The conceptual framework included scripted content that surrounded rich images, and sounds that delivered messages in high quality. The video on V.S.U. website, even showcased an up close and personal video encounter with a fish when introducing the agricultural department.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there. Did you see how V.S.U. Students got in on the action? iPower 92.1 On Air Personality and V.S.U. Alumni, B-Sounds, was featured with current students in a “V.S.U. State of Mind: A Homecoming Documentary Film” on YouTube. Now, since we are on the topic of YouTube. You may have also noticed how current V.S.U. Students uploaded a video entitled “V.S.U. Cribs-Williams Hall” (which highlights what the residence hall offers students).

Yet, please be sure to note that the channel that belongs to the institution is “VSUOfficialChannel“.

V.S.U. is one of the many colleges that is striving to deliver a clear message through branding. Now, what will you do to get make your business message clear?

It’s your turn to build a brand that will help you communicate effectively…GET BRAND CLARITY! For more information on how to brand your business, you may visit www.PMGTusa.com today!

VSU Commercial

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